Storage Executive 3.20

Kilobyte Kid

Storage Executive 3.20

I'm running an MX200 as boot disk on Win 7 Ultimate.


I have been using SE 3.15, which has performed perfectly, but responded to the message and updated to 3.20.


3.20 has these problems:-


1) Running in my default Firefox browser, it spends a lot of time "waiting for localhost" before eventually presenting the SE tab.


2) My old HDD is still in slot 0. with the SSD in slot 1 on the PC. The boot sequence has been changed so that the SSD is the boot disk.


In 3.15, both these SATA disks are shown. However, in 3.20, only the old HDD in slot 0 is shown. There is no sign at all of the SSD.


3) Any refresh or update on 3.20 again takes a while, waiting for localhost. It hangs the browser as well.


I have tried 3.20 in diffrent browsers (no change), I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but eventually I have reverted to 3.15. However, I do not like to run old versions of software if possible to avoid, but 3.20 is of no use to me at all.


Any ideas?



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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Storage Executive 3.20

I notice also that my Event Viewer shows a host of timeout errors from the Intel IAstor service.