Which SSD? MX100, M500 or M550 ??? How to boot?

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Which SSD? MX100, M500 or M550 ??? How to boot?



My 17" early 2011 MacBookPro is in need of an update - so was lookign to put an SSD in - but I am all new to this. It currently has a Hitachi 512GB harddrive- and so I was looking for something with that sort of capacity.


Lookign at the options - I have the MX100 512Gb for £159, the M500 480Gb for £172, or the M550 512Gb for £218??


ookign at the spec comarpison the MX100 seems to have the same read and write speed as the M550 - and its faster than the M500 - so why would anyone pay more for the , on paper , slower M500 ? Is the M500 a newer design or better technology?


SO when I eventually buy an SSD - how do I get my whole system from the hard drive onto the SSD??  I have an Apple Time Machine if that helps??  Just wondering how I do it??



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Re: Which SSD? MX100, M500 or M550 ??? How to boot?

I can't help you with the Mac specific questions but the MX100 is the drive to have.


The reason for the price discrepancy is the opposite of what you suspect - the MX100 is the brand new drive and is built with newer, cheaper to manufacture NAND than the M5x0 series.  It's basically the replacement for the M500.  The M550 is a bit faster but the price difference between it and the MX100 is gonna see the MX100 the drive of choice for the vast majority of people.

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Re: Which SSD? MX100, M500 or M550 ??? How to boot?

I'm running a M500 on my late 2011 13 inch macbook pro, but these days I think the MX100 might be the one to go for, unless you have extreme performance needs. This post from macrumors.com might help you decide:




Regarding the question of how to change to SSD, that depends on the model of macbook, the original version of OS X in that MacBook and whether you want to run that original version or something later.


Some macbooks support Internet Recovery, which checks which version was originally installed in that model and downloads and installs that version of OS X.





If your macbook came with OS X 10.6.x then it should be possible to reinstall from optical media and recover your files from your Time Machine backup.


If you want to install Mavericks a.k.a. OS X 10.9 that would require a different method.


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Re: Which SSD? MX100, M500 or M550 ??? How to boot?

Just to add to the above...

Computers that can be upgraded to use OS X Internet Recovery

I think this is the one that applies to your macbook pro:

Here is a more general page on EFI and SMC versions:

MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2011)

Model: MacBookPro8,3     
EFI: MBP81.0047.B27 (EFI 2.7)
SMC: 1.70f6 (SMC 1.7)


You might have a later version of EFI or SMC than listed in that page which is o.k.


While I prefer a clean OS X install, you could also try a pure Time Machine recovery:


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Re: Which SSD? MX100, M500 or M550 ??? How to boot?

With the 128Gbit die packed with 16nm NAND and Marvell 88SS9189, the MX100 is an even better choice than M550 (The Differences between Crucial MX100 vs. M500 and M550 SSD). Unless you need anything bigger than 512GB, then Crucial only makes that availble in the M550 series. In most typical scenarios, MX100 is even faster than/equal to Samsung 840 EVO performance. But Samsung can't beat the price of MX100 at this point.