batterydrain after SSD upgrade

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batterydrain after SSD upgrade


Just upgraded my Macbook Pro 13" mid-2009 with a Crucial MX100 128 GB.

It's definitely runs faster now, however, now the battery last for a significant shorter time.

I am running yosemite.

The list below is everything I have tried so far:


2. Checked (using activity monitor) if there was an application hogging the power. There wasn't.

3. Switched out the SSD with the old HDD. The was no battery drain problem with the HDD.

4. Checked if there were any driverupdates. There wasn't.

5. Lastly I tested the SSD in another Macbook Pro 13" mid-2009 running Mavericks. In this case there was no noticeable batterydrain, but no increased batterylife either. (Shouldn't the SSD increase batterylife??)

So for me it seems that yosemite could be the problem when I use the SSD.

I really don't know what else to try.

Really hope there is someone out there who could help!
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Re: batterydrain after SSD upgrade

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Re: batterydrain after SSD upgrade

Sorry I made a mistake. The other macbook I tested also ran yosemite (kinda forgot that the os x is on the crucial SSD). 


I have 107 gb free out of the 128 gb.


I compared my battery with the battery which is in the macbook where the SSD does not use more power than the old HHD (but not less either).


Below you can see the comparison. Don't know if that could explain something. If it turns out that my battery is to blame isn't it still weird that it performs better with my HDD?


The first image is from the mac where the SSD did not use more power.


Other testet mac.png

My mac.png


Re: batterydrain after SSD upgrade