how to unbrick M4?

Kilobyte Kid

how to unbrick M4?

I know I did this before with another Crucial but forget the proceedure, it has something todo with applying power only (no SATA) for "X" amount of time?


I have a 512 M4 running in my MBP 15" and moved it to a new MBP 17" and it bricked on me...will not be recognized by anything now. 


I know I was able to unbrick my Cruical and Samsung in the past...


(every feel like about 25% of the SSD you have ever own brick over for no good reason?)



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Re: how to unbrick M4?

Well there is a official suggestion for power cycle procedure here -


And the alternative thread with a additional step that helped few users out there -

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: how to unbrick M4?

Thx Jedi!