installation problem with mx100 256 mb

Bit Baby

installation problem with mx100 256 mb

good morning all

i bought a mx100 256 mb to replace my dead (secondary) seagate raptor.

my system has another seagate raptor as primary hd

i removed the broken hd and connected the ssd

but when i restart pc the ssd is inaccesible

i used system utility to create partition and tryed to format it but it sais its inacessible:

an error rises stating the resource cannot be updated, here is the error (italian version, dont

know how is the corresponding english message):


"Impossibile completare l'operazione perchè la visualizzazione della

console Gestione disco non è aggiornata. Aggiornare la visualizzazione

utilizzando l'attività di aggiornamento. Se il problema persiste chiudere

la console Gestione disco, quindi riavviare Gestione dispo oppure il


seems i can only create/delete partition but the system cant access them

my system only sees drive C (the primary seagate hd)and drive E (dvd rom)

physical resources listing both hdd and ssd

but in the logical resources only drive C linked to hdd is available


here are some details about pc:

motherboard: asus p5q3 deluxe

cpu: intel q9400

operating system: win 7 64 bits


thanks for any suggestion

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Bit Baby

Re: installation problem with mx100 256 mb



i solved my problem, did a fresh installation using AHCI bios setting without anyother drive connected.

re-connected other hd after installation and anything seems working ok


bye Smiley Happy

Community Manager

Re: installation problem with mx100 256 mb

Hi Roby_one,


Thanks for the update! We are happy to hear that this issue has been resolved.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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