m4 64Gig Freezing - WinXP Box

Kilobyte Kid

m4 64Gig Freezing - WinXP Box

My WindowsXP box has been freezing regularly. I recently upgraded the firmware to fix the 5184 hour glitch. I have also performed memory tests using MemTest86 and Windows Memory Diagnostic Test with no errors.


I see that there is new firmware available, yet it appears to only reference Win7. Can this be used on my box?


P4 3.4Gig

3Gig Memory

Windows XP

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: m4 64Gig Freezing - WinXP Box

010G is buggy use 000f




extract the ISO file inside


download a program called IMGBURN (google IMGBURN)


Install and run IMGBURN


select write/burn image file to disc


select the ISO file you extracted from the zip




Once burnt,

Restart your PC with your newly burnt disc in drive

(make sure you CD drive is 1st for boot priority - check your BIOS for this)


follow firmware update instructions

Kilobyte Kid

Re: m4 64Gig Freezing - WinXP Box

How can I find out which firmware I currently am using on my drive?


Is the Firmware that was release in January 0309?


Re: m4 64Gig Freezing - WinXP Box

Start -> Control panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device manager -> double click Disk drives -> double click the drive -> Details tab Smiley Happy 

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: m4 64Gig Freezing - WinXP Box

It looks like I already have updated to 000f.


Any other suggestions?