m500 120 GB - Ubuntu 13.04 - Should it ever sleep?

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m500 120 GB - Ubuntu 13.04 - Should it ever sleep?

Hi guys,


I just updated the firmware to MU03, and while the drive is a lot cooler during use, after being on standby for several hours the one warm spot is on top of the mSata drive.   Not the CPU, not the video chip.  When I wake it, it's around 120F per the Disks utility.  


Is there some setting I need to use to have it really go to sleep??  What are best practices for that?  I feel that if it's staying that warm, it's draining my battery all that time.  Cat's love it....





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Crucial Employee

Re: m500 120 GB - Ubuntu 13.04 - Should it ever sleep?

Hi Erik,


Thanks for your message.


It does sound as if it's down to the power settings within your operating system.  Unfortunately I'm more familiar with Apple OS and Windows OS and we do have instructions on how to change power settings and sleep settings.


Do you have options to change the sleep settings within your operating system?  Have you tried different sleep settings for the system to see if that makes a difference?


We are not getting reports of SSD's overheating or going to that temperature in normal use so it does sound like it's a possible power setting within the operating system itself.


Please let us know how it goes and we can try and investigate it further for you.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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