mSATA 256GB ssd works horrible with Dell M4600

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mSATA 256GB ssd works horrible with Dell M4600

Hello there,

I recently recieved an mSATA SSD M550 CT256M550SSD3 for my DELL M4600. I installed it in the port for WWAN card. Bios lists this SSD. SATA mode is ATA.  After installation, everything is fine until log in screen. Once I log in the laptop takes 15min to finish login.  During most of this period hard disk LED remains off. 


Once log in is finished, frequent freezing occurs, where the laptop goes totally unresponsive.  I checked in the bios and the SATA mode is selected as ATA, other modes does not help too.


Could anyone shed some light on this?. Thanks in advance.


Have a great day

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Re: mSATA 256GB ssd works horrible with Dell M4600

Hi jku,


I am very sorry for the issues that you are experiencing with your SSD. It does appear that the drive is compatible with your system. I think at this time it would be best to contact us directly and troubleshoot the issue further. Our contact information can be found in my signature. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.



YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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