mx100 write speed slow

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mx100 write speed slow


I purchased an mx100 256 and mx 100 512 k SSD.  I was receintly running some benchmarks such as HD Tune and novabench.  read speeds are what I expect around 350 mbps  but write speeds are always are 60 mbps.   Is there a benchmark tool I can use to see accurate read and write speeds so I know have these drives configured and working correctly

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Re: mx100 write speed slow is traditional.


make sure write cahcing is enabled in Windows.


350MBps suggests you are using a PCI Express based sata 3 port.  They can be a bit poor.  A 'real' sata 3 port would do around 500MBps and a sata 2 port would do 260MBps.  If you only have sata 2, you might want to try that.  Despite the lower sequwntial speed, it can be overall better due to improved speeds elsewhere.