Upgrade Firmware using a Mac

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Upgrade Firmware using a Mac

Come on Crucial when are you going to give decent support for Mac products?


I have been getting an unaccepatbly high failure rate with your MX300 525 drives, circa 20%, which it appears might be down to firmware issues. To upgarde firmware using a Mac is nigh on impossible. You have to have a Mac with an inbuilt (NOT usb) SuperDrive and the SSD must also be on the internal SATA bus. Apple haven't made a Mac with an inbuilt Optical drive in almost 5 years. Those that do have them often dont work through lack of use. This a real support issue for us. PLEASE address this urgently or at least ship drives with as up to date firmware as is realistically possible. 

Great products, at a great price, let down by poor support.

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Re: Upgrade Firmware using a Mac

@dataassist I am sorry for the issues you've experienced with your drives. I've passed on your feedback. Please contact us directly using the information in my signature and we would be happy to help you troubleshoot further or set up replacements for these items if the firmware is unable to be updated. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Re: Upgrade Firmware using a Mac



If you use the Linux  "isohybrid" command on the currently supplied OS independent firmware updaters, then the ISOs can be "burned" onto a USB flash/hard drive as well as a CD.   I've been doing this for years and it will boot on Apple computers without any issues.


While there may be utilities which could possibly burn the current ISO to a USB drive, I am leary of using or recommending them for such a critical function as they sometimes modify the boot process.


It would be wise for Crucial to update their ISO images so that it can make it easier for Mac & LInux users to update the firmware.   Not all SSD vendors supply an OS independent method of updating firmware, so it does add lots of value at very little cost and is a great selling point.   Even better, it would be nice if the SSD firmware could be updated using an Open Source firmware updater such as "flashrom" so that your SSDs could be updated even if they are being used on a non-x86 platform.