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Adjusting space for Windows System Restore

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Windows System Restore can result in SSD space being used that a user might want for their own apps or data storage. If you would like to reclaim some or all of this space you can, at the cost of this easy method for recovering from a major Windows failure or rolling back undesirable system changes.


The easiest method for locating this setting is to click on your Windows Icon and type "Create a Restore Point", then select the matching search result displayed. This can also be found in the 'System Protection' tab in the System Properties tool in Control Panel. You may also manually perform a System Restore to revert to a previous restore point from this screen.







Selecting the Configure button will enable you to manage or disable this function to recover some or all of the space used. 





You may also reduce the portion of a drive which may be used for this, and clear off any existing restore points from this screen.

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